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Please contact me at shelby at shiftedsound dot com if you have any questions or comments or if you'd like me to consider playing your music on the show.

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Shifted Sound Podcast 174

Here's what's on episode 174: Jets Under Fire - EP3 "Voices" & "Such a Tragedy" website __________________________________________ Headlights - Wildlife "Get Going" website • MySpace • eMusic __________________________________________ Pacha Massive - If You Want It "Right Now" & "If You Want It" MySpace • eMusic __________________________________________ Bridezilla - EP "Brown Paper Bag" & "Forbidden Holiday" […]

Shifted Sound Podcast 169

Here's what's on episode 169: fun. - Aim and Ignite "At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used to Be)" & "Walking the Dog" website • MySpace • eMusic __________________________________________ Jets Under Fire - EP2 "Action/Reaction" website __________________________________________ Jennings - Storybook EP "Your Way" & "Hero" website • MySpace __________________________________________ South - You Are […]

Shifted Sound Podcast 164

Here's what's on episode 164: Jets Under Fire - EP2 "Action/Reaction" & "Shades of Postmodern Gray" website __________________________________________ The Secret Life of Sofia - Seven Summits "Moose Collision" website • MySpace __________________________________________ Tom Williams & the Boat - Single/Upcoming Album "90 mph" & "Too Slow" website • MySpace __________________________________________ The Valley Arena - We Died […]

Shifted Sound Podcast 153

Here's what's on episode 153: Jets Under Fire - EP1 "Icarus" & "Like Waves, Like Sea" website • MySpace • eMusic __________________________________________ Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Second Album Project "Real" website • MySpace • eMusic __________________________________________ Shock of Pleasure - Live In Studio / It's About Time "Spacetime" & "This is a Test" […]

Shifted Sound Podcast 115

[audio:shiftedsound115.mp3] Here's what's on episode 115: De Novo Dahl - Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound "Make Some Sense" & "Shakedown" website • MySpace • iTunes __________________________________________ Great Northern - Sleepy Eepie "This is a Problem" website • MySpace • Eenie Meenie Records __________________________________________ Bakers at Dawn - The Best of Bakers at Dawn "Hopeful" […]