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Please contact me at shelby at shiftedsound dot com if you have any questions or comments or if you'd like me to consider playing your music on the show.

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Shifted Sound is a new type of podcast. A partnership between artists, music labels, independent music stores and the listeners. It is an experiment which will change and grow as needed. However, the focus will always be to expose listeners to new music and, hopefully, get them to buy it.

Why Shifted Sound?

I love music. Always have. And as such, long ago I grew tired of what was being played on radio stations. I knew there had to be better music out there that I hadn't heard a million times already. The answer came after I bought my first iPod near the end of 2004 and started trolling the internet looking for tracks to put on it. It was then that I discovered both podcasting and how much great music is available from independent artists. After many, many "I've got to share this music with everyone" moments since then, I decided to try my hand at a podcast that does just that.

Shifted Sound focuses on any and all independent or small label music that needs an outlet. But more than just playing the tracks for the listeners, I want to convince them they should buy the albums themselves. I believe that by playing at least two tracks from an artist, the listener has a better chance at deciding if he/she would enjoy that album. I also present myself as a music consumer. Just as I would tell my friends, "Hey, I just bought this new album and it's great," I also tell the listener.

How is Shifted Sound Different?

I have a degree in radio/television/film, have worked as a dj at both top forty and album rock radio stations and am currently editing and designing graphics for television commercials. These experiences help elevate Shifted Sound podcast from the thousands of other podcasts out there in several ways.

I want to have a well-produced podcast. I want it to have the feel of a fan doing it for the love of the music without sounding like it was put together haphazardly in someone's garage. Shifted Sound was originally recorded in an actual recording studio so that sound quality would be the best possible. However, in order to be more flexible with my schedule, I have purchased my own mixer and microphone.  An audio engineer has helped me with the set-up so it will still sound as good as it can get.  I will also be prepared so that, although not scripted, shows will sound as if they were researched for and are not just off-the-cuff.

I want to showcase great music. Of course, that's subjective. However, I hope to build a relationship with the listener so that they expect and receive a certain level of music during a Shifted Sound podcast. It is for this reason that not every artist or song will be played.

Where Can I Hear Shifted Sound?

The latest podcasts will always be available here at They are also available in iTunes. Please see the right navigation bar at for more info on subscribing.

A True Partnership

I view Shifted Sound as a partnership. For artists, it is a way to get their music heard and, hopefully, sold. Record stores will make some sales. Listeners will hear some great music. I will get to play out my "You've got to hear this great music" scenario every week. Hopefully, it's a win-win-win-win situation.

How You Can Participate

If you or the artists you represent would like to be on Shifted Sound, please send me an email. I know many labels send out cd's, even to smaller mp3 blogs. I don't require that. In fact, I would prefer you spend your money on promoting yourself or your bands in better ways. If you can email me mp3's, that would be great. Bios, current info and web links are also appreciated. I won't guarantee that I will play everything I receive, but I will play as much as I can.